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Pantrak Transportation has a number of clients, some of whom are listed below. Many clients cannot be listed for confidentiality reasons. In addition to his work with private and public sector companies throughout Europe, Gavin also holds a number of roles, lectures and is a much sought-after speaker at industry events.

Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan & Partners

Pantrak was commissioned by Colin Buchanan & Partners on behalf of SESTran to consider sustainable distribution issues and freight flows in the SESTran area, providing a high level overview of the freight and freight movements. SESTran is one of 7 regional transport partnerships in Scotland.

Welsh Assembly Government


Trans-National Multimodal Freight Interchange located in Cardiff. Pantrak was commissioned by Catram Consultants of France to undertake interviews with pre-selected shippers to determine existing or potential freight flows between Spain, France and South Wales. This project is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government. Ongoing.

Marine South East
Port of Poole

Marine South East and Port of Poole

Pantrak was commissioned to undertake Activity 4 of the PROPOSSE EU Interreg Project. This work was a survey of potential demand for Short Sea Services (SSS) by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The client was Marine South East and Port of Poole. The market study reviewed freight flows between Iberia, France and Ireland. Autumn 2009.

Babcock Rosyth

Babcock Rosyth

Pantrak was commissioned to undertake maritime studies with particular emphasis on the container sector. 2006 – 2009.

John G Russell

John G Russell Transport

Assisting with the development of the Russell Intermodal Rail Network and supply chain contracts. Ongoing.

South Ayrshire Council

South Ayrshire Council

February-March 2009. Review of Local Transport Strategy 2009 – 2014 with respect to freight.

The Scottish Government

Scottish Government

Part of Napier University TRI Consortium within the Scottish Government Maritime Framework Agreement. Pantrak is engaged in all aspects of freight with respect to ferry services. Stakeholders interviewed in Kintyre, Argyll & Bute, Arran, Cowal, Mull, Islay, Benbecula, Lewis, Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland and the Central belt. The focus has been to understand the key issues relating to consumption in island and ro-ro communities as well as key export sectors.

The Scottish Ferries Review - Pantrak/TRi report on freight. This report covers the Clyde, Western and Northern Isles.

Scottish Woodlands

Scottish Woodlands

October 2007 - Project support on investigation into maritime structures relating to the forestry sector, including legal aspects.


EU Consortium

EU project on Freight Corridors (6th Framework).



Major market study on the potential for additional port facilities on the UK east coast.

The British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce

Gavin representing the Scottish Chambers of Commerce recently contributed to the British Chambers of Commerce document "Transport and Investment Imperative".

European Freight & Logistics Leaders Forum

European Freight & Logistics Leaders Forum

Chairman of an eleven country working group “Project Pendolino” to determine the location of intermodal terminals in a borderless Europe 2015.



Pantrak is part of a consortium commissioned to prepare a Freight Transport Report for the Island Economy 2020, commenced June 2007. Consortium members also include NITL and Heriot Watt University. This study will consider all modes of transport including international links to overseas markets.

Argyll & Bute Council

Argyll and Bute Council

Scoping study into the feasibility of extending marine facilities to handle timber.

Scottish Executive

Scottish Executive

Participation in scoping study which formed the  basis of the Freight Action Plan covering all modes of transport. Partnership with WSP, Heriot Wat University and Scottish Council for Development and Industry.

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise Fife

Landbridge projects linking the economies of Northern Ireland with Scotland as a landbridge to the Continent. Participation in economic impact studies of "Superfast Ferry Services" linking Rosyth (Edinburgh) and Zeebrugge (Belgium). In addition industrial base research to support ro-ro services.


Geest North Sea Line B.V.

Geest North Sea Line B.V.
(now Samskip)

Studies into the Scottish industrial base and necessity for short sea services between Scotland and the Continent.

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise Dumfries and Galloway

Study into the impact of peripherality on logistics services and consequence for competitiveness of business.


TruckTrain Developments


TruckTrain is a high-speed, low cost, innovative rail transportation tool in the planning that will deliver and collect product within close proximity of the end user. The TruckTrain initiative will bring rail into contention for much of the freight market for the very first time.

A joint venture with Coventry University. This project is now at an advanced stage; it was included in the blue sky thinking section of the scoping study for the Scottish Freight Action Plan.



Coastlink was established in light of the congestion issues being experienced in the UK and on the Continent. It is an association of interested parties whose common interest is to work together to overcome these problems by a process of co-operation.

The Coastlink commercial imperative is to bring ports together with shippers and  shipping lines to maximise the  opportunities for the cooperation of all parties in the development of short sea and feeder networks. This builds on the environmental benefits of maritime transport consistent with the political imperative to reduce road miles and maximise sea transport.

2009 conferences in Tallinn, Estonia on the 4th and 5th June and Dunkirk on the 24th and 25th September. 2007 conferences in Nantes on the 1st and 2nd March and the Annual General Meeting in Dublin on the 26th and 27th of June. 2006 conferences in Bristol, Hull and Perth.


Perth and Kinross District Council

Port review project includes interviews with manufacturers and shippers and strategic alliances.

Scottish Development International

Scottish Development International

Freight strategy for inward investors to Scotland.

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